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Steven Stumpf


loves recycling paper
bounty writer
health professions education swami
believes in mainstream medicine
big tent person
winning grant writer who hates to lose
will perform karaoke if asked

Steven H. professions...strategic planning...program professions education...complementary and alternative medicine...technical writing

Stumpf and Zalunardo developed three healthcare businesses after leaving USC together.

They licensed image management software they developed at USC. They negotiated the software licensing agreement and developed the physician provider contracts.

Stumpf is an experienced Project Developer and Project Manager who delivers results on time... special talent for marrying disparate concepts and applying innovative solutions and technologies to new settings.

Innovation, planning, persistence are hallmarks of projects he has developed, launched and completed.

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Zalunardo is a veteran leader who moved easily from the highly structured academic medical center to the chaos of startups with disruptive technology. If the Boy Scouts gave badges in corporate skills (Rod is a lifelong Boy Scout leader) his would be in flexibility within an organized framework, and productivity within budget and on time.

Rod Zalunardo...established and led a new team of professionals in the re-launch of a struggling financial/banking software company...developed and implemented operational enhancements for an established HMO...Extensive Financial/Administrative Reporting expertise with local, state, and federal agencies...Planned and directed corporate management restructuring, concurrent with new financial and member tracking systems installations...Adaptation and integration of disparate data collection into useful and meaningful reporting - Knowledge Creation Compliance reporting expertise...Knox-Keene regulations...Experience with all areas of corporate management, with both small and large business ventures, including start-ups...Supervised preparation and management, with active project participation, in more than $25M funded multi-year grant programs with federal (NIH, NEI, NLM), state (Department of Health Services, Office of Strategic Technologies), local government health agencies (Los Angeles County Department of Health Services), private foundations (The California Endowment, QueensCare Foundation), and private companies (Pacific Bell/ATT)
Secured exclusive licensing contract from USC for tele-ophthalmology software (CIMIS) developed at USC Keck School of Medicine.

Lizette Alvarez


Lizette Alvarez...innovative problem solver...forecasts and prevents disasters ..cost efficiency focused on evidence based research to deliver quality results.

Alvarez...writer, speaker, tech savvy...cross functional expert...government and private-public sector...foundations, start-ups, and political agencies., financial and project management.

Strategic Partnerships, Philanthropy, Grants + Finance, Corporate Governance, and Due Diligence.

Global Health, Cultural Competency, Cost Efficiency.

Analysis, evaluation and evidence based upon data.

Experienced with wide range of disadvantaged and non-English speaking and legal background adds value for clients....understands, can explain and help navigate technical legalities that frequently elude community based organizations in project planning and development.

The essence of ethical and socially responsible organizational leadership that delivers strong financial performance while delivering a positive cost-effective, societal and environmental impact. Alvarez maintains homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.


Outstanding organizational skills: able to prioritize workloads and handle multiple projects simultaneously
Excellent communicator: able to convey ideas with conviction and clarity to persons from diverse backgrounds
Proven ability to work productively in a high-pressure environment
Over 15 years experience in healthcare research in the following topics: health disparities, reproductive health, epidemiology, endocrinology, oncology, health communication, and policy in academic medical centers and privat e organizations
Background includes health disparities, research design, program evaluation and organizational development.
Worked in a variety of research capacities and collected data using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, developing performance measures, designing and conducting surveys, data/information collection, analysis, and report preparation.
Well versed in focus groups and interview design and facilitation and have conducted focus groups and interviews throughout California, the United states, and abroad.
With culturally diverse and high risk populations on numerous topics. Experience living overseas.
Always ensure compliance with protocol and manuscript writing and meeting IRB and HIPPA guidelines.
Contributed to various published journal articles from Family Planning Perspectives to the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Sylvia Novoa


messaging campaigns
focus groups
social media and digital advocacy
media relations
spanish translation of CEQA/NEPA type docs
public participation programs
community relations, event and meeting programming/planning and facilitation
graphics, photography, animation, video
virtual meetings and webinars
bicultural know how

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